Join the effort to bring informed worker choice to Canadian workplaces

Research conducted by the Canadian Labour Congress, Leger and Nanos clearly shows that Canadians views on unions are not reflected in Canada’s tax and labour laws. No other country still allows union leaders to operate like they do in Canada.

Canadian union leaders have a number of powers and privileges that their counterparts around the world never had or no longer have.  Canada’s union scheme is out of step with the rest of the developed world.  Canadian workers need to be able to make truly free and informed choices.  They need more protection from union leaders.

Canadian public policy is unduly, and inappropriately, influenced by tax deductible union dues taken from employees who can be terminated for not paying for the political and social views of a union boss.  Union-free and unionized Canadians are opposed to the current system.  Canada’s economy and the lives of a majority of Canadians are negatively affected by the impact of union leaders.

The Workplace Democracy Institute of Canada was created to be a voice for change – a voice for respect for working Canadians whether they are unionized, considering unionization or are opposed to unionization.


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