Quebec law allows unions to use only cards to unionize employees without a secret ballot vote from all employees. Unions organize in secret. Sometimes they get signed cards for the smallest number of employees they can and they don’t tell other employees what is going on. The employees from whom the union drive was hidden are shocked to find out they are now unionized. Both Canada’s and Quebec’s Charters of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to associate with a union or not. Secret union drives on cards should be a Charter violation. A group of unionized Quebec workers from whom a union and the Quebec law hid from are challenging their forced association with the union that organized in secret.


A Manitoba employee has applied to decertify a union on behalf of 28 out of 34 employees. A vote has been held, but the ballot box has been sealed at the union’s demand. Manitoba’s union-slanted legislation entitles the union to see all employee support petitions for decertification and harass employees who exercise their legal right to get rid of a union. However, unions get to organize behind a veil of secrecy. If that’s not enough, the union can delay a ballot count by throwing up bogus allegations about the employer using fictitious dates, and demand evidence from employees about how each decertification supporter signed up. These employees are now fighting to get the ballots counted against well-funded union who wants to represent them, whether or not the employees want them.


Please give generously to these employees.

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