Employees Challenge a Union’s Fraudulent Unionization After Discovering A Host of Illegalities — ALL Ignored by the Federal Labour Board (the CIRB)! 

In the two-step mandatory unionization model, unions get in after they submit a threshold number of signed union cards and then only if they win a majority in a secret ballot vote.  In the federal system, a worker’s right to a vote was removed by a government pandering to unions, and replaced with an easier one-step card check unionization process.

Now the Union is only required to submit a bare majority of signed cards, along with a required $5 fee, to become get in – NO VOTE.  The process of card check unionization, skips the secret ballot vote.  It is supposed to include some safeguards and procedural compliance in order to protect the integrity of this no vote system and thus protect worker’s freedom of association against bullying tactics and fraudulent misconduct by a union.

In this case, the QCCC union is alleged, according to filings by employees, to have completely abused the one step card check process.  The union sidestepped various legal requirements to win a majority of signed cards so that it could successfully unionize federally regulated rail workers. Union organizers are alleged to have not only submitted forged cards, but to also have told employees that as card signers they did not need to also pay the $5 fee.  But it is required by law to be personally paid by a worker as a fundamental part of the process.

A probationary employee was threatened by the union with termination if he didn’t support the union by signing a card.

The Board learned from a handful of employees about these serious incidents of union misconduct.  One employee discussed his belief that the card held by the Board had been forged, and that there were others, only to be told by a Board Officer that he really just had “buyer’s remorse”.

The Board appeared disinterested and aloof when speaking with these employees who not only made serious allegations but asked for direction on how to deal with what the Union had done.  Shockingly, the Board did not take it upon itself to conduct a further investigation to substantiate the allegations of forgery and misconduct and ultimately, allowed the union’s corruption to form a new unionized group of workers Federally across Canada.

The Board Order that handed all of these employees over to the union was completely silent about what the Board learned firsthand from employees.  According to arguments filed by the employees, the Board white-washed fraud and intimidation to push through a unionization order without a hearing, reasons, or even mentioning the issues raised by employees.  Where is the democracy for employees?

These employees have found representation and deserve to be heard — especially after their concerns fell on the Board’s deaf ears.

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