Another Union Scam to Get in Without a Vote in Quebec

Unions use all sorts of tactics to get union cards signed and apply to unionize employees. It is well known that unions even use lies to get union cards signed. Labour Boards allow some but not all such union tactics. In Quebec, unions can unionize workers by simply having them sign a membership card – without a secret vote run properly by the (Labour Code). This Quebec law increases the temptation for union organizers to mislead employees. In Grande-Baie, Quebec, Rio Tinto Alcan employees are fighting misleading Unifor union card signing tactics. Employees say union organizers mentioned to them the union would get 50% + 1 cards signed by the employees and then intended to apply to unionize ALL Plant workers. Having only obtained the majority of the maintenance workers’ signatures, the union turned around (did an about-face) to ask for the unionization of the Maintenance employees only, therefore isolating them from the other plant employees. This change in orientation on their part was done Without going to each card signer and asking permission to do so.

Since the construction of Rio Tinto Alcan’s Grande-Baie plant in 1980, union organizers are at their third attempt to unionize employees. In 1998, the union didn’t obtain the majority of memberships required. In 2003, a Plant Employee Committee had obtained the authorization to conduct a secret ballot (vote) and the result was the rejection of the Union. Today, Unifor returns to the attack and, in order to infiltrate the plant, has asked to unionize only the maintenance employees because it doesn’t have the majority of employee memberships in the plant.

The Labour Code says employees should have the free choice to join a union and they should be able to make an informed choice. The employees’ choice was vitiated when the union changed the Bargaining Unit it intends to represent without permission and without consulting the concerned employees. An Employee Committee is currently attempting to intervene before the Labour Tribunal to contest this way of doing things and to obtain a secret ballot to verify Maintenance employees’ wish in having a Union or not.

Please give generously to this campaign so we can help them pay for their lawyer to fight this union’s tactics.


Quebec law allows unions to use only cards to unionize employees without a secret ballot vote from all employees. Unions organize in secret. Sometimes they get signed cards for the smallest number of employees they can and they don’t tell other employees what is going on. The employees from whom the union drive was hidden are shocked to find out they are now unionized. Both Canada’s and Quebec’s Charters of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right to associate with a union or not. Secret union drives on cards should be a Charter violation. A group of unionized Quebec workers from whom a union and the Quebec law hid from are challenging their forced association with the union that organized in secret.



Please give generously to these employees.

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