Union Fights the 70% Who Want Union Removed

After being unionized in 2019/2020 by union card fraud (cards signed for employees and submitted and others who did not pay the $5 card fee as required) some employees applied to have the unionization revoked for this fraud.

The Labour Board was told, but ignored employees the Board spoke with and whitewashed the illegal union actions.  After the Board sat in the employees’ legal challenge for 2 years, the Board whitewashed what it and the union had done.

Unionization without a vote on fraudulent union cards was upheld.

The union has been useless for 2 years.  Now in May 2023 over 70% of employees quickly signed electronic cards in one of the 1st few electronic card applications anywhere in Canada to remove a union.

However, the union is throwing all sorts of false allegations that the Applicants will easily disprove.  The union is also accusing the employer of inappropriate actions.  So, these employees find themselves facing litigation in front of a labour board they have lost all trust and respect for.

However, they will persist with your generous support and one day be free of both the union and the labour board.

Make direct deposits to:

Workplace Democracy Institute of Canada

TD Canada Trust

Transit No. 05062

Inst. No. 004

Account No. 5226645

Or By Credit Card through PayPal

Please give generously to this campaign so we can help them pay for their lawyer to fight this union’s tactics.

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