Union Fails to Terminate IKEA Employees

35 IKEA employees exercised their legal right to work during a Teamsters strike in Richmond BC. The Teamsters put them on trial, expelled them from union Membership. This led to 17 months of union bullying and legal tactics trying to get them fired. In the end the BC Labour Board refused and then BC’s highest profile Arbitrator Vince Ready ordered an end to the strike. In doing so he said the 35 got to keep their jobs and never had to join the union again. The employees incurred huge legal fees protecting themselves.

Thanks to all who donated to this successful campaign.

Screwed by Canada’s Worst Labour Board

For decades many lawyers across Canada have privately called the Federal Labour Board Canada’s worst. In 2013 CIBC employees in Sudbury filed an Application to get rid of the Steelworkers Union from their bank branches. AFTER their Application was filed, the union filed cancellations signed by a very small number of these employees. Incredibly the Board ruled that on a union drive such cancellations of support MUST be filed BEFORE the union applies to unionize a workplace without a vote. But on a decertification application the Board ruled what NO OTHER BOARD in Canada has ever ruled. Cancellations can be filed afterwards – they do not have to be filed before like on a union application. The employees challenged this outrageous ruling.

Thanks to all who donated to this successful campaign.