WDI/IDT is a broad-based, multi-sector organization governed by a diverse, national Board of Directors.


Strong, but limited government.

Democracy and freer markets.

We are not for or against any political party. We are against union leader powers to unduly influence government and negatively impact Canadians generally.


Employees being able to make informed decisions regarding unionization.

Employee free choice via independently supervised secret ballot votes for union certification, ratification, employer last offers, strike mandates and decertification.

A portion of all union dues going into regulated funds for employees to access to pay for expert labour lawyers in proceedings before Labour Boards and Courts. There is no effective balance for employee rights against union leaders.

Unionized Canadian employees should have the same human rights protections as their fellow workers in other nations have from union leader’s powers and privileges – all forms of forced union Membership and discriminatory work practices should be aligned with our Charter of Rights & Freedoms case law.

Comprehensive, broad-based labour organization financial disclosure online to all Canadians.

Supreme Court Justice Rand created the “Rand Formula” requiring all unionized employees to pay union dues for “administering the law of their employment, the union contract”, but not for politics, lobbying and other non-bargaining activities.

The Rand Formula is a Charter violation Supreme Court case law means the Rand Formula can be changed.

We are neither pro nor anti-union.

We are not challenging the legislated union role of representing unionized employees who have freely decided to be unionized and represented.

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